Does Your Superior, CO Shop Have the Best Flooring?

Concrete is an all-purpose commercial flooring solution

Concrete flooring from Garage Force of Denver North, LLC is long-lasting, durable and looks incredibly upscale. The application process is also fast-most installations take a single day. Though our commercial concrete flooring has a different chemical composition than the residential version, the application process is the same.

Check out our past work to see what concrete commercial flooring can do for your business.

What type of businesses benefit from concrete flooring?

What type of businesses benefit from concrete flooring?

Are you searching for a flooring solution for your commercial property? Garage Force of Denver North can install a concrete floor coating that will enhance your business's professional appearance. Nearly any business or shop can benefit from our commercial flooring, but it's especially well-suited to:

  • Auto mechanic shops: Present a professional appearance without sacrificing durability.
  • Retail flooring: Prevent damage while adding style to your shop.
  • Showrooms: Nothing accentuates your products like a smooth, quality floor.
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