Looking For Metallic Coating For Decorating Your Concrete Floors?

Garage Force of Denver North, LLC offers metallic coatings for concrete flooring in Superior, CO

Our Polyurea based metallic coatings are a beautifully decorative option for your concrete floor covering needs. The materials used in our metallic system are self leveling and tinted with metallic powder that create a vibrant and unique finish that will leave your friends and neighbors jealous. Since the product is self leveling, as it settles into its final resting place, the metallic tint will react differently to the contours of the substrate giving each coating its own fingerprint that is unique to itself. The coating is available in many standard color options and can be blended to create custom colors or have accent colors added into them to give even more unique characteristic flare.

Metallic Coating Options Offered In Superior, CO

These coatings are not only beautiful, but they are incredibly durable as well. Our metallic coating is the perfect solution for finishing your new construction or remodeling project if you are in the market for an attractive, low maintenance flooring system that will last you a lifetime. Like the other beautiful systems we offer, these metallic coatings come backed with our industry leading Garage Force Lifetime Warranty!

This project was a basement that had an epoxy coating in the little room that had a green floor and a cork tile floor through the rest of it. We ground off the epoxy and removed the cork floor and filled all of the control joints before putting down the metallic. The color on this one is one of my creations that I call a Copper Patina. The primary color is Amaretto and has five accent colors of blues, greens, turquoise, and tarnished brass. Each one is different from the last and the client has input on the accent colors in terms of which is used, the amount of accent, and the proportions between the colors.